Frequent Questions


How do we start a fundraiser with Shopsie?

Sign up on our website, and we’ll have your online store ready in about a day. You’re welcome to customize it with your own photos and stories.

What percentage of sales do schools, charities, and teams earn?

Your organization earns at least 20% commission on every sale made through your Shopsie store.

Is there a cost to set up or run a Shopsie fundraiser?

No, there are no fees at all to start or run your fundraiser with Shopsie. Everything from setting up to running your online store is completely free.

Can we select which products to sell in our fundraiser?

Your store will feature a selection of popular products from the brand you choose to partner with.

How do supporters make purchases to benefit our organization?

Shopping on Shopsie for your supporters is just as easy as any other online store. A percentage of every sale goes directly to your organization.

What promotional materials does Shopsie provide?

Alongside digital flyers, email templates, and social media posts, Shopsie also offers personalized support to help you customize these materials.

How long does a typical fundraiser last?

The duration of your fundraiser is entirely up to you, with the flexibility to run it year-round, align it with a specific event, or set a particular timeframe.

How are products shipped, and who handles customer service?

Products are shipped directly to the customer from the brand, with Shopsie providing dedicated customer service support.

Are there any restrictions on who can fundraise with Shopsie?

Shopsie is open schools, charities and teams. 

Can we track our sales and earnings in real-time?

Yes, Shopsie offers a dashboard for real-time tracking of sales and earnings, allowing you to share progress with your community.

Are earnings from our Shopsie fundraiser subject to taxes?

Earnings may be subject to taxes depending on your organization’s tax status. Consult with a tax professional for guidance.


How does buying from Shopsie support schools and nonprofits?

When you make a purchase through Shopsie, at least 20% of the sales goes directly to the school or nonprofit associated with the store from which you’re buying. This means each item you buy helps fund their causes and initiatives.

Is it safe to make purchases on the Shopsie website?

Yes, Shopsie uses secure payment methods to ensure your transaction details are protected. Your safety and privacy when shopping are a top priority. We employ the latest encryption technologies and follow industry best practices to secure our platform and protect your information.

What is the return policy for products bought through Shopsie?

Shopsie is committed to offering high-quality products. As part of our commitment, every Shopsie order is backed by a 30-day return policy, learn more here

How do I track my order?

Once an order has shipped, an email with a tracking information will be sent to you. If you have not received a delivery confirmation email within a few days of placing your order, please check your ‘spam’ folder.

If you think your package has gone missing, please contact us and we’ll help.


What are the benefits of partnering with Shopsie?

Partnering with Shopsie opens new avenues for brands to generate revenue while creating positive, shareable content through community-driven fundraising events. This collaboration offers a unique opportunity to deepen relationships and connect with new customers. 

How do we partner with Shopsie?

Get in touch! We’d love to hear from you and discuss how can work together. 

Is there a fee for manufacturers to join Shopsie?

There’s no fee for manufacturers to partner with Shopsie. Our goal is to build collaborative relationships that are accessible and beneficial, without the need for upfront costs. This setup is designed to support our vision of community-driven fundraising while allowing manufacturers to easily engage with new and existing audiences.

Can we set our own prices for products sold on Shopsie?

Yes! Ideally they are competitive with prices found elsewhere so consumers can see they are getting a good deal while supporting their cause. 

How do we integrate for fulfillment and product updates?

We have integrated with a Shopify provider, allowing fulfillment and product updates directly from any Shopify store. This integration means our sales will appear alongside other channels in Shopify with minimal overhead. Our team can also accept product feeds in various formats and has worked with manufacturers on a range of fulfillment options. The goal is to keep your Shopsie orders and inventories current while making the process as straightforward as possible for you.

How do shipping charges work?

For shipping, we’ll work together to establish a charge that makes sense. There’s no one-size-fits-all approach; our goal is to find a shipping solution that is both fair and attractive to customers, and works for you.