Schools & Charities: Partner with Manufacturers and Earn 20% (or more!) Per Sale

What is Shopsie?

Shopsie is a unique platform connecting manufacturers with schools and charities. Manufacturers gain a new retails sales channel, while schools and charities get a hassle-free fundraising solution. By launching a free Shopsie store, you can sell products directly to supporters, earning a portion of each sale to fund initiatives.

What do schools and charities get from Shopsie?

fully stocked online store

  • Custom web address
  • Shopper-ready day-one
  • Sales tracker

Promotional Help

  • Flyers to print and share
  • Social media content to post
  • Emails to send supporters

TOP Manufacturers

  • Quality products
  • Socially responsible
  • Great reputations

Choose one of our manufacturers

SOiL Organic Aromatherapy and Skincare

Earn 25% of sales with SOiL, a leader in organic and sustainable livinge products.

More Manufacturers Coming Soon!

Stay tuned as we unveil new partnerships with new products.

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