Hide-a-Ball Dog Toy


Improve your dog’s mental and physical skills with this satisfyingly squeaky hide-a-ball puzzle toy. Great for medium and large dogs.


Give your dog a mental workout! This brightly colored puzzle toy features a ball pouch and plush balls with squeakers. (Some of the balls also have crinkle paper.) This interactive toy will keep your curious doggo engaged in a solo game of hide-and-seek. It improves mental and physical skills while allowing dogs to dig out their squeaky rewards. Available in small (10 balls, 2.5″) and large (8 balls, 3.5″) sizes, this toy is great for medium- to large-sized dogs and promotes bonding between dogs and their owners. Note that it’s not suitable for heavy chewers, and supervision is advised to prevent choking hazards or blockages.


  • Small set comes with ten 2.5” balls.
  • Large set comes with eight 3.5” balls.
  • Balls contain squeakers. Some also have crinkly paper.
  • Perfect for medium and large dogs.
  • Not recommended for heavy chewers!
  • Weight: 14.4 oz (408.2 g)

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