Welcome to our inaugural blog post at Shopsie! Our goal here is to share stories, insights, and updates about Shopsie and how we are transforming one of the most traditional fundraising approaches. Remember those catalog-based fundraisers from your childhood? We’ve revitalized that familiar concept for today’s needs. Shopsie will connect charities and schools with a diverse range of brands, offering more fundraising options and a fun way to engage with communities in addition to asking for donations. By participating in Shopsie, fundraisers can easily expand their efforts, and brands have a unique opportunity to demonstrate their commitment to giving back.

What is Shopsie?

Shopsie modernizes the classic catalog fundraising model by bringing it online, offering supporters the familiar convenience of online shopping. Fundraisers receive turnkey shops fully stocked with products from the brands they choose, ready for supporters to start shopping on day one. Brands gain exposure to new customers and markets, and they collect impactful stories about their contributions to great causes that they can share with their existing customers. This enhances their community image and deepens customer loyalty.

Schools and nonprofits can only ask their communities for monetary support so many times. Shopsie expands fundraising opportunities, allowing supporters to contribute to their favorite causes through purchases they feel good about.

Our platform is designed for simplicity and ease of use. Organizers can set up their online shops with just a few clicks, and there’s no effort other than spreading the word about their new shop.

As Shopsie grows, we will continuously expand our range of brands, providing fundraisers with more choices and new ways to engage with their supporters. This expansion will also open more opportunities for brands to demonstrate their commitment to social causes across the United States.

Getting Started with Shopsie

For Charities and Schools:

Starting a fundraiser with Shopsie is super easy! Just sign up for an account, pick a manufacturer, and we’ll have your shop up and running in about a day. That’s all there is to it, and you can begin raising funds right away.

For Manufacturers:

Interested in joining our network? Awesome! Get in touch with us, and let’s explore how your products can find new homes and your brand can demonstrate additional community impact at the same time.